2-12-2012 Song Set

Here is the Song set for this upcoming Sunday (Feb. 12, 2012):


1.) Awakeneing – Chris Tomlin


2.) One Way – Hillsong


*Note: Wish we had the drums and bass for this, but let’s sing this song in a way that gets everyone excited that we have found the way, the truth, and the life!

3.) Forever Reign – Hillsong


*Note: Let’s make sure and get the timing down so we’re all singing in unison (ESPECIALLY the bridge!)



4.) Surrender – Marc James


*Simple song of offering not only our cash, but more importantly our hearts.


5.) Unashamed – Starfield


*Reflective response of the gospel and all that it means to us.


Order Reasoning: God calls us into worship to think about all that He is; in reflection of this, we know all the more that He is bigger, that He is greater. Then we reflect on God the Son, who has come to earth to serve and be beaten and bruised so that we may have a way to the Father. Finally, we declare that our God may forever reign in our hearts and in our world—that we would speak no other name in sweet worship other than His. Then we have a time of offering, meditating on the fact that God does not need our support; rather, we realize all the more how He has provided for us and how He wants of us our hearts and our lives—to have faith and hope in only Him. Finally, we respond to the message declaring the Holy Gospel… that we may stand in front of God one day unashamed not because of our own merits, but because of the One who has freed us… because of the great cost of the One who saves.

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