2-5-2012 Song Set

1.) Hungry -Kathryn Scott
Note: We did this song before so we should be familiar with it. The bass and drums will lead. I will come in at “So I wait for you…” Also Karen and Shell there was some harmony in the link above. Can you guys try to imitate it?
2.)All Because Of Jesus – Steve Fee
Note: Only drums will kick the bass in verse 1 then I’ll come in verse 2. Then all will slowly build in prechorus. During Chorus Shell and Karen do you think you guys can do the echo in the link above? If not I can do the echo and you guys can sing normally.
3.) Beautiful One
Note:  We’ll start out this song strong as a intro then cut out when we start singing. We also did this song before and should come back to us when we start practicing.
4.) Breathe – Marie Barnett
 Note: Simple offering song. Keyboard will just hold notes and drums will go easy on this song.
5.) Made To Worship – Chris Tomlin
Note: Also very simple song
Order Reasoning: We are empty and broken so we come to Jesus who accepts us for who we are. He created everything and we’re alive because Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross. We should offer all of our hearts to him and rejoice that he accepts us with open arms even though we are broken. It’s a wonderful thing to have in order to survive in this corrupt world. He is beautiful, He is wonderful, He is powerful. We were made to worship so let’s give all our hearts to the Lord and fill our hearts with the Holy Spirit as we worship him this Sunday.


This should encourage you!{and us}
Yesterday, I was worshipping with the Beautiful One song.
And wrote the following below. Just now listening to Made to Worship — to my surprise — these words match too! Be encouraged, even tho you made this song list quickly – I believe it was the Holy Spirit prompting.
The Lord longs for us to adore Him and behold His beauty in His sanctuary, together.

Beautiful One

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