10-16-2011 Song Set

Here is the Song Set for this upcoming Sunday (Oct. 16, 2011):


1.) Hungry – Kathryn Scott
*Note: NICK and ROBIN, can you guys listen especially to how the intro goes? I would like to start with this specific drum beat and the drum solo part, if you guys can manage. Also, KAREN and SHELL, can you guys listen to the harmony part and see if you can sing it?
2.) Oh Praise Him – David Crowder Band
*Note: NICK, pay particular attention to the intro for this song as well. I like the heartbeat bass kick into the eventual beat.
3.) Shout to the Lord – Hillsong
*Note: KAREN and SHELL, try listening to the harmony part for this song as well, please.
4.) Thank You for Saving me– Delirious?
*EVERYONE, meditate on this song when you guys practice at home… let’s really refocus our worship and service to the very purpose of why we gather, of why we sing and play our songs.
5.) Unashamed – Starfield
*Ditto what I said for the previous song.
Order Reasoning: That we as a congregation, regardless of how we come and what we bring, would realize we come to our Father’s house hungry and in need of Him. As He fills us and answers us, that we would praise Him with all that we are, shouting to Him who is great. We then offer our measly wages, in the least wanting to thank Him for the incomprehensible gift that He affords us. In the end, we realize our freedom from the bondage of sin and shame, coming to the one who has died for us even while we were still sinners–making us complete in our brokenness and giving us freedom to live out our lives as we were created to do, worshiping the one who redeems.

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