11-13-2011 Song Set

Here is the Song Set for Sunday worship (Nov. 13, 2011):


1.) Awakening – Chris Tomlin


*Note: Jiyoung nuna, I’m going to try starting with this keyboard intro (maybe a bit slower… more meditative). Nick, keep in mind the beat that they use in the build. Robin, I might have you come in a bit earlier, but listen to the style of the bass during the strong parts (at first mostly eighth notes then delayed fill-in notes). Karen and Shell, remember to EMPHASIZE each word as you sing! Learn the timing of this song as well, please!

2.) How Can I Keep from Singing– Chris Tomlin


*Note: Karen and Shell, I need you guys to be ESPECIALLY on top of the words/notes in this one… keep in mind the timing and dynamics! Nick, pay attention to their drumming style (AND KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK ON KEEPING BEAT haha). Robin, I like how the bass keeps is SUPER simple in the verses, a bit more complicated and louder in the chorus, and the effective build at the end of the bridge… EMULATE!). Jiyoung nuna: you cool.

3.) Mighty is the Power of the Cross– Chris Tomlin


*Note: It’ll be a Chris Tomlin songs day! Haha I just noticed… Anyways, this will be a very simple, meditative song. Again, that puts a little pressure on Karen and Shell… practice even if you guys know it, please (especially the ECHOES during the bridge and maybe even the harmony?). Everyone else, please still listen and think of what you can do!


4.) Offering – Paul Baloche


*Overall a simple song of offering, BUT there’s actually a lot to it. EVERYONE (both voices and EVERY instrumental person), please listen to your individual parts!


5.) In Your Freedom – Hillsong


*Note: Practice #2 on this song. Although we had a decently fruitful practice last time, it was nowhere near as powerful as the words beckon us to play it. THIS IS THE MOST COMPLICATED SONG we’ll have EVER done, so PLEASE listen to this MULTIPLE times. EVERY instrumental person should give these a few listens to really pick up how to perform the dynamics. Jiyoung nuna, try listening more to the electric part than anything else and try to figure some things out for it, please. Karen and Shell, TIMING!!! Nick and Robin, I want you guys to be really coordinating for this song… so please practice!


Order Reasoning: We are called into worship through the awakening of our souls to sing out to the God who reaches out. Realizing more and more the impact of our God’s grace in our lives, we cannot help but sing praises to the King. And thus we bring it all back to that very grace… the cross that beckons us… the cross that is wretched… yet the cross that is so mighty to save. We then give of our offerings to the One who is worthy. Finally, we sing of our love for Christ, knowing now that it is in His freedom we can and should live.

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