11-20-2011 Song Set

Here is the Song Set for Sunday worship (Nov. 20, 2011):
I picked out these songs just in case we don’t have drums and bass. So the songs are mostly reflective.

1) The Heart Of Worship – Matt Redman
Note: Jiyoung nuna listen to this song and try to copy it.

2) Enough – Chris Tomlin
Note:Most likely if we have drums then drums and I are going to start then others come in later.

3) Son Of God – Starfield
Note: Build at the end of verses. Die down at end of chorus. All out in bridge.


Still – Hillsong United
Note: Jiyoung noona… I’m putting you on the spot… Please listen to it and try to imitate the song. 

Response Song

Shout To The Lord – Mercy/Vineyard
Note: Um… Jiyoung noona can you lead this song too? Others same ol’ same ol’

Reasoning: After the worship, most of the times we just go back to our old selves and habits. Just for the moment we praise, it feels like 
we can conquer it all. We should try to go back to the heart of worship even after the worship is over because it’s not just a song, it’s the God’s presence, holy spirit working in you. He deserves everything we have, he is all that we need, because He supplies our needs and paid the greatest price for us. He is more than enough for us. He is worthy of all our praise because He is that great. We should come back to the heart of worship once again and just ask for forgiveness and just shout to the Lord.

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