12-4-2011 Song Set

Here is the Song Set for Sunday worship (Dec. 4, 2011):


1.) Forever Reign – Kristian Stanfill 

*Note: We’re going to do a different version of this song than we did before (Stanfill’s version). So, all instruments please listen to your respective parts (especially the drums during the verses and keyboard during the chorus). Bass and voices… the style is very similar to Chris Tomlin’s version that we usually do, so you guys are good.

2.) Holy Moment – Matt Redman 

*Note: This song is very bass and drums heavy. Robin/Tae, pay ESPECIAL attention to the style of the bass in this song… it’s not too complicated but definitely not doable without a few good listens. Nick, this song should be really fun for you… listen carefully! Karen and Shell, this song is a bit quick but sung with a certain softness/emphasis… please listen!

3.) Wonderful Maker – Jeremy Camp 

*Note: This is sort of a straightforward song, but please make sure to get your own parts down (ex. Bass and drums, get the specific beat down). Jiyoung nuna / Michael… can you guys listen to the first chorus and find that “ooo” sound that does a sequential rising thing? Again, nothing too fancy but this song is a very powerful one. Karen and Shell, I’d say the voices are the most important melodic parts for this song, so please listen as much as you can! 


4.) Thank You for Saving Me – Delirious? 

*We’ve played this before, but please give it a listen regardless. 


5.) With All I am – Hillsong        

*Note: Jiyoung nuna, you promised me you’d do this solo part the next time we play it (namely the intro). You sounded good last time when you let me hear, so I believe in you! 🙂 (Michael… try learning the part as well!). Everyone else… just listen and remember it is a reflective song… Karen and Shell, this is where tone comes in!

Order Reasoning: We begin the worship dedicating it to him—declaring that He is good, asking that He forever reign in our lives, and that no other name except His be on our hearts. Then we remind ourselves of why we gather, asking and hoping that it be a holy time—one that is set apart to worship our Lord. Then we end the praise simply basking in thankfulness that He is a wonderful Maker, one who gives us such grace. Thus we thank Him as we offer up our meager offerings. Finally, we respond to the message given to us by dedicating our lives to worship our God with all that we are… that we may believe and belong to the One who gives us purpose, to the one who gives us grace.

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