12-11-2011 Song Set

Here is the Song set for Sunday worship (Dec. 11, 2011):

1.) Hungry – Kathryn Scott

*Note: Nick and Robin/Tae, this song is very drums and bass heavy. Nick, memorize the beat; Robin/Tae, remember the bass solo I taught you when we played this last time? Listen for it and relearn it, please! Karen and Shell, we’re going to sing this a bit more reflection-like. Jiyoung nuna, I’m gonna give you a huge break this song set cuz you have a test, so just listen to the overall song and be thinking of things you can do to add to the song.
2.) Blessed Be Your Name – Newsboys version
*Note: Jiyoung nuna, I lied above. It’s really simple but I would like you to do this time of intro with the drums. Nick, listen to the light beat that the song starts with… try to imitate this! Also, CAREFULLY listen to the beat during the chorus of the song; it’s super upbeat and I love… so Nick, this song’s all you, buddy! Robin/Tae listen to your part carefully (it’s overall straightforward though). Karen and Shell, I’m going to have you guys a bit more exposed on this song… if possible, try learning the harmony especially during the prechorus!
3.) From the Inside Out – Hillsong (acoustic version)
*Note: We’re going to make this song very acoustic heavy and thus also very reflective. Everyone just think of stuff you can add in terms of instrumentals to this (the actual youtube clip ONLY features the acoustic guitar, so you have to use your own imagination).

4.) I Will Offer Up My Life – Matt Redman
*Simple song of offering.

5.) Nothing But the Blood of Jesus – Matt Redman
*Note: This song is fairly straightforward, but please listen to your individual parts and pick up what they do. We’re mostly going to imitate Matt Redman’s version… so please listen! I’m going to end the song with the hymn version of this song like last time (just the first verse and chorus… really short. For reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayJusJ_jvco&feature=related

Order Reasoning: We come to worship hungry, knowing that it is only by the hope of God that we may be fulfilled. Thus we bless His Holy Name in all the highs and all the lows, knowing that He is the only light that never fades—that He is the only hope we have to be freed from our sin; so we sing from within our souls. Then we have a time of offering, giving up more than just our money—offering up our very lives. We end in response to the message recognizing it’s only by the precious blood of Christ that we are forgiven and freed—that our freedom and joy have come at the greatest cost, but a cost that Christ was willing to give.

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