12-18-2011 Song Set

1.)Marvelous Light by Charlie Hall
Note: I want to try that pause after second bridge.
2.) Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin
Note: Verse 1 start build after the second “love so amazing”, and verse 2 start build at “The whole earth trembled …” All out in second chorus.
3.) Prince of Peace by Michael W. Smith
Note: It’s going to be little bit faster tempo than we’re used to. Also there is “Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh” part and we’re going to try to end it there. Listen to the link.

4.)Lord I Offer My Life To You by Hillsong United
(http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/h/hillsong_united/lord_i_offer_my_life_crd.htm) Chords reference

5.)Made To Worship by Chris Tomlin

Order Reasoning: When we’re living in this world we’re trapped in the darkness, the world consumes us. Sometimes whatever we do doesn’t work and feel hopeless. We’re constantly trying to get out of this darkness by ourselves but only through Jesus we can be free. So we run towards the light, Jesus, who became our sin and freed us. So we put our hopes in him, praise him, follow him,and love him because he is worthy and offer our life to him. He will take care of us and ease the pain and suffering that was inflicted from the world. We were made to worship.

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