1-22-2012 Song Set

Here is the Song set for Sunday worship (Jan. 22, 2012):



1.) Awakening – Chris Tomlin


*Note: Unfortunately, we won’t have the keyboard this time around for this song… but we’re going to attempt something similar. NICK!! Just a reminder: you did WONDERFUL during practice then forgot all your cues on the following Sunday… this time, please practice when you’re going to enter (although I’m going to have you do some different things, your entrance isn’t very different). Robin, remember you’re going to work together with Nick on this one… this time around, let’s try to encourage communication with each other (look at each other and remind each other when to start!). Karen and Shell, just remember to emphasize each word for this song… also timing!

2.) How Can I Keep from Singing – Chris Tomlin


*Note: We’re going to do this a bit differently (considering the lack of keyboard). Thus, I need everyone to listen carefully and practice! Karen and Shell, practice the timing and dynamics on this one. Robin, listen and try to mimic the style of the bass in this recording (especially the particular build during the bridge—from simple to complicated). Nick, from what I recall, you did a great job on the beat last time… let’s hear that again!

3.) Came to My Rescue – Hillsong


*Note: As per the recording, we’re going to make this especially reflective. Nick and Robin, consider your entrances and certain beats that you can manage in order to keep this reflective (keeping in mind we won’t have the oOo of the keyboard). However, I do plan on making the bridge especially powerful… so we’re going to do a crazy build on it! Let’s have fun with it as we praise the Lord with all we’ve got :). Karen and Shell, just sing along to practice! (maybe even dabble in harmony?).



4.) Once Again – Matt Redman


*I THINK this might be new for a few of you (if not, great!). This song is pretty straightforward, so I think you guys will all be fine EXCEPT for the bass haha. Robin, I’m gonna put you on the spot… try learning the bass solo part in the intro (it should be challenging, but fun). Let’s make this song one of thanks, reflecting on His grace.



5.) The Heart of Worship – Matt Redman


*Note: Just like the live recording, we’re going to do this song very reflectively. My friend Victor actually meant to do this as the response song this past week, but was unable. He wanted to make sure and return the worship to God, knowing that in it all, He is the center of our lives. I want to really pour out as we do this song. Thus, I want you guys to sing along and only really play (as in instruments) when we start building… We’ll work it out during practice!


Order Reasoning: Some people rarely realize the gift of Christ in their lives; others are frequently awakened to their sin; and still others continue to realize the awakening power of His grace. Regardless of which category we fall in, we begin worship desiring God to awaken our souls, desiring that Christ may be lifted up in our lives—that He may be lifted up in this world. Then as the joy of our Lord fills us, we declare His praises, knowing He is worthy in both rain and sunshine. Finally, we declare how Christ has saved us from our sin… what’s more, that He offers us eternal life—so we sing that He may be lifted up in this new life we have been given. Then we give of our offerings, remembering the cost of our salvation, thanking Him for all He’s done. Then finally, we return to the heart of worship… that it truly is all about God on high.

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