Who Is In Charge Here?

Who Is In Charge Here? – John 18:12-14

From: Heartlight by Phil Ware

Then the soldiers with their commander and the Jewish guards arrested Jesus. They tied Jesus and brought him to Annas. Annas was the father-in-law of Caiaphas. Caiaphas was the high priest that year. Caiaphas was the one who had told the other Jewish leaders that it would be better if one man died for all the people. (ERV)

Key Thought

Who really is in charge of what happens here? Yes, Jesus will be put to death at the request of the Jewish religious hierarchy by the Roman executioners authorized by Pontius Pilate. But who is in charge here? Jesus is bound, but they cannot restrain him. His obedience to the will of the Father is all that keeps him bound. Meanwhile, soldiers, Temple guards, leaders, priests, and others that appear to be in power are really powerless to defeat Jesus. Jesus lays down his life according to the Father’s plan and will. Jesus lays down his life to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and for the sins of the world. Jesus lays down his life or they could not crucify him. Everything is reversed. Jesus is bound, but free to obey the will of God. The leaders are free, but bound by their hatred to follow the plan of God. The events of the Cross are the great reminder that God can use the worst of situations to bring about the greatest of results to his glory.

Today’s Prayer

Almighty God, please give me the courage to live for you no matter the cost. Help me trust that your reward and your power make the sufferings and struggles of this life pale in comparison to the glory that awaits me. Thank you for your Son, who pioneered this trail to glory before me. May my life reflect his faith in you and may it not waver even in the face of threat, suffering, or pain. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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